2015 Open Gardens Saturday & Sunday 9/26 & 27

A big weekend at Sycamore Hill Gardens September 26th and 27th. We’re open Saturday and Sunday beginning at 11:00 am both days and the weather forecast is perfect. Bring a picnic, bring your camera, but most of all, bring your family and friends for a lovely day in a serene setting while you support two local Central New York not-for-profits. It’s a great way for all of us to give back to our community and thank some fine area volunteers for their service.

Children are very, very welcome. Sorry, no pets please. We too love our pets but our three terriers will spend a quiet day inside resting up after the hard work of chasing chipmunks and keeping Blue Herons and Canadian geese off the ponds. They have big fun all week long with the added bonus that none of us end up stepping in goose poop while feeding the ginormous Koi. So much more fun when you don’t have to watch where you put your feet.

IMG_6309Of course, there is a downside. Ted, who can’t tell a cat from a raccoon, treed a very large cat an hour ago. The glint in his eye as he jumped repeatedly against the tree trunk was that of a deranged, carnivorous Wildebeest. So, I rounded up the other two pups with promised treats (they did get their treats) and waited an hour before returning with some sharp cheddar and an old blanket. The frantic jumping and demented demeanor remained the same, but the scent of cheese gave Ted enough pause for me to throw the blanket over him and trundle him back from the Bell Garden. Sadly my Fitbit gives no extra steps from lugging a wiggly terrier even on a day that began with a dead woodchuck chase.

On Sunday, the dogs will sleep on the couch watching football with their eyes shut while we do all the work outside. No Ritz crackers with cream cheese and pepper jam for them this weekend.

These are the gardens last open days until Mother’s Day May 8th, 2016, so pack your picnic and come on out to Marcellus and join us in a celebration of fall. See you this weekend. Best, George & Karen Hanford.