Schedule a 2016 Weekday Garden Ramble for your group of 20-36 guests

Schedule a 2016 Weekday Garden Ramble for your group of 20-36


Last summer we developed a very successful small event format at Sycamore Hill Gardens, our Weekday Garden Rambles. These garden tours receive excellent reviews and and make a nice midmorning to mid afternoon outing. They include a Daniel’s Grill catered box lunch with artisan sandwich, salad, house made chips, cookies, brownies as well and beverages-ice tea, water and lemonade.


During the event we make good use of the garden’s six-passenger golf cart giving tours to anyone who has difficulty walking or just prefers riding to rambling. We make frequent stops to answer your questions as well as those from ramblers we meet along the way. At noon, we meet on the patio for lunch where everyone has time for additional questions during the meal. After lunch we resume the golf cart tours and personal meanderings for an hour or so before the ramble ends. This makes for a nice, low-key day with plenty of personal interaction for you and the people you want to bring together. Perfect for family and friends, clubs, small reunions or meet-up groups.


These events are tailored for 30 to 36 guests with close parking, golf cart pick up as needed, and are held on a rain or shine basis. They offer a great opportunity for a quiet visit to the gardens during the summer months in between our spring and fall large charity fundraisers.


Come see what’s in bloom, enjoy lunch on the patio, and have plenty of time for questions, garden history, plant lore, and anecdotes.

George and His Team, Early 1970s
George and His Team, Early 1970s

For further details, lunch choices, pricing, etc. contact us through this website, or from our Facebook page, and we’ll help you organize your own private Sycamore Hill Gardens Weekday Ramble!

We look forward to hearing from you,

Karen & George Hanford/owners Sycamore Hill Gardens