Welcome to Sycamore Hill Gardens, the home of George and Karen Hanford and originally a fully functioning dairy farm with over 300 head of Jersey cattle. Sycamore Hill Gardens is now nearly 40 acres of diverse trees, shrubs, perennials, and spring flowering bulbs. The gardens are divided into a variety of distinct areas and include Asian and European statuary as well as koi ponds, stonework, a formal garden, a hedge maze and several large open spaces with expansive views. We have planted the majority of our remaining farmland with over 10,000 native trees, 10,000 native shrubs,  and 180 acres of grassland to create wildlife habitat. This turned close to 300 acres of our former cropland into one of New York State’s largest Conservation Reserve Program sites and is hopefully helping honeybees as well as our native bee population.

We design, plant, and maintain the gardens ourselves, with the very welcomed help of family, friends, and community neighbors. Currently, we rely on the amazing efforts one full time person, and any part timers and volunteers who come our way. The gardens are now open by reservation for self guided tours from 9 am to 4 pm seven days a week. For information on reserving your Self-Guided Tour at Sycamore Hill Gardens please contact: karen@sycamorehillgardens.com

Some key contributors to the garden’s success have become dear friends and we highly recommend them to anyone who shares our love of gardening and the natural world.

Marcellus Nursery

Marcellus Nursery

Sycamore Hill Gardens uses Marcellus Nursery for all our local tree and shrub needs. Visit the nursery at 5062 Onondaga Rd. Syracuse, NY 13215, please follow them on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/marnursery/ or give them a call: (315) 488-2632

Silver Spring Farm Market

Silver Spring Farm Market

We use Silver Spring Farm Market for all of our annual, perennials and container needs. Please visit Silver Spring Farm Market at 4461 West Seneca Turnpike Syracuse, NY or give them a call: (315) 469-0166 or visit them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/marnursery/

Rawlings Hosta

Rawling's Nursery
Rawling’s Nursery

Sycamore Hill Garden uses Rawlings Nursery for our specialty hosta selections. Please visit Rawlings Nursery, by appointment only, at 12061 Monitor Mill Road, Ellisburg, NY 13636, https://www.facebook.com/RawlingsNursery/ or give them a call at (315) 638-1415 in Baldwinsville or (315) 846-5265 in Ellisburg, or visit them at:  www.rawlingsnursery.com.

Cauga Tree Service 

We use Cauga Tree Service for all our major trimming and removal needs. https://www.cayugatreeservices.com/  We highly recommend them!

Caring for Central New York’s Trees for over 50 years!