Refund and Returns Policy


We will only grant a refund, credit your account, or replace an item if:

  • The product arrived damaged (excluding damages during delivery)
  • The product does not match the fulfillment information (e.g., the product is the wrong size, color, or type, etc.)

We have the sole discretion to grant a refund (including the refund method), credit your account, or replace a product. In order to request a refund, credit, or replacement, you must send a photograph and a brief explanation of the problem to us via email at, subject line SYCAMORE HILL GARDENS ORDER, within 30 days of delivery.

For clarification, we will not grant a refund, credit your account, or replace a product solely because:

  • It was unsatisfactory for any reason (excluding the matching of the provided fulfillment information)
  • The shipping provider did not complete the delivery/the delivery was late/the shipping provider damaged items*

*In such cases, you must place a new order, or the recipient of the individual order must attempt to resolve the delivery dispute with the shipping provider.


Self-Guided Tours are non-refundable.