Mother’s Day Garden Tour 2021

Happy spring! The gardens have never looked better and the weather report for Mother’s Day Sunday is very favorable!! Please follow this link to the Baltimore Woods Nature Center’s website for everything you want to know about the 2021 Sycamore Hill Gardens Tour:

See you Sunday, May 9th from 10-4. Free parking, children 8 and under pay no admission. No pets please.

Winter Gardening

In the dead of winter, when snow blankets the ground . . . and then more snow blankets that snow, because this is Upstate New York . . . even the mysterious Head Gardener can only garden for a few hours a day.

Yes, eventually, even he is driven to seek shelter from the elements. When this happens, you may wonder, what does the Head Gardener turn to? Why, smithing, of course.

During the winter months, the Head Gardener smiths. Generally, he makes between five and ten of each of his creations before moving on to a new masterpiece. Over the upcoming weeks, we’ll be displaying some of his work here.

Daffodils on  Sycamore Branch