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Green lawn, blue sky, a myriad of trees, and a pond with Adirondack chairs.

Sycamore Hill Gardens is pleased to introduce our new self-guided gardens tours. These tours are self-booked and are $45 per passenger vehicle (up to 8 people per vehicle, including the driver). We offer 12 visits a day. 6 each morning and 6 each evening, first come first serve with bookings, with more days being added as we move through the summer. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to visit the garden.

Visitor Rules

  • Tickets are per parking space. Each ticket is good for one passenger vehicle that holds up to eight people (including the driver). Visit alone, with friends, or with family. Anyone you want to bring in one vehicle, so long as there are not more than eight of you, rain or shine.
  • No pets are allowed. Please note, however, that the property is patrolled by four working terriers.
  • Quiet is not guaranteed as garden work is ongoing. Please be considerate of our one full-time employee who maintains the entire grounds.
  • Parking is behind the barn. The house, a private residence, is not open to the public. The upper part of the barn is open, accessible by the upper driveway.
  • Picnics are encouraged, as is plenty of hydration and sunscreen.
  • No grilling.
  • A portable toilet (porta potty) is on premises near the parking.
  • Please do not throw anything into the ponds other than the provided koi food. Eating bread, crackers, or any other items you carry with you will cause the koi fish to bloat and possibly die, and many of them have been alive for decades. If no koi food is available, that means they have been fed their allotment for the day. Koi food can be found in a white bucket at the pond. Please reseal after use. Please use sparingly as a consideration to other guests who want to see the koi.
  • Please take back out with you anything you bring into the garden.
  • Tickets are rain or shine and are not refundable. We cannot control the weather.
  • No visitors are permitted before sunrise or after sunset.
  • No tree or tower climbing, please!

2023 Mother’s Day Garden Tour

Sunday, May 14, 2023 from 10am-4pm

Tickets are available for advance sale now! 


Sycamore Hill Gardens is located
at 2130 Old Seneca Turnpike, Marcellus.
Grass parking available – no pets please!

Paper tickets are also available at the following locations:

Tickets are not available at Sycamore Hill Gardens.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature!

Bring the family to Sycamore Hill Gardens in Marcellus for a one-of-a-kind, outdoor garden experience like no other! The Garden Tour is a not-to-be-missed spring event in Central New York. For many it’s a yearly tradition and for newcomers, the gardens are awe-inspiring. At this self-guided event, you can stroll the lawns and paths through 30+ acres of vibrant gardens, with amazing sights and surprises around every turn. Bring a picnic lunch, find a cozy spot, and soak up the afternoon sunshine by the pond at this fun family day full of exploration and wonder around every turn.

All garden tour proceeds benefit Baltimore Woods Nature Center in its mission of connecting communities and nature in wisdom and wonder, both at the Baltimore Woods nature preserve and across Central New York thanks to Sycamore Hill Gardens, our Sponsoring Host. Learn more about our year-round environmental education programsnature day camps, and outdoor programs for kids today!

Mother's Day Garden Tour 2022

Yes, we will be hosting Baltimore Woods Nature Center's annual Mother's Day Garden Tour! Visit their website at: for information on tickets, etc. Looking forward to another wonderful event full of smiles and, hopefully, sunshine. We know there will be flowers!

A new addition to the gardens, great photos, one side blue, the other white both with great views!

Photo taken 2021 at Sycamore Hill Gardens. By Mother's Day 22 will be in full bloom!

Self-Guided Tour Information:

For Self-Guided Tour Information, Email Karen:

Friday, June 4, 2021 at Sycamore Hill Gardens

Winter Rose

More 'winter gardening' from the Head Gardener. Flowers we can enjoy all year round!

Winter Gardening

In the dead of winter, when snow blankets the ground . . . and then more snow blankets that snow, because this is Upstate New York . . . even the mysterious Head Gardener can only garden for a few hours a day.

Yes, eventually, even he is driven to seek shelter from the elements. When this happens, you may wonder, what does the Head Gardener turn to? Why, smithing, of course.

During the winter months, the Head Gardener smiths. Generally, he makes between five and ten of each of his creations before moving on to a new masterpiece. Over the upcoming weeks, we'll be displaying some of his work here.

Daffodils on  Sycamore Branch